The sidebar is a set of panels along the left edge of the page. To expand a panel (show information in it), click the down arrow in the panel. To collapse a panel (hide information in it), click the minus sign.

  • Alerts and Messages: These alerts and messages display when you perform actions in OpenClinica. For example, after you log in, a message reports the date you last logged in. Look here for confirmation that an action you performed was successful, or to see if there were any errors.
  • Instructions: The Instructions panel provides brief directions or a summary of what you can do at that point in OpenClinica. For more information, click the Help button (question mark) in the body of the page.
  • Other Information: This shows the name of the current Study or Site, start and end date of the Study, the name of the Principal Investigator, and the Protocol Verification/IRB Approval Date, if it applies. To see details for the Study or Site, click the name. For more information, see About Study Details.
  • Icon Key: The panel is available when icons are used in the body of the page, such as for the Subject Matrix. It shows each icon relevant to that page and describes what the icon means. Status Icons

Not Started Icon Not started
Schedule iconScheduled
Data Entry Started IconData entry started
Stop Icon Stopped
Skipped Icon Skipped
Complete IconCompleted
Sign IconSigned
Locked Icon Locked
Invalid IconInvalid Action Icons

The icons available and exactly what they do when you click them are based on your user Role.

View IconView: Click to see details for the object the icon is associated with
Edit IconEdit: Click to change details for the object.
Set Role IconSet Role: Click to assign a Role for the user within the Study.
Remove Icon Remove: Click to remove the object.
Restore IconRestore: Click the Restore icon to restore an object that was previously removed. (The icon appears only after object has been removed.) Complete Icon List

Admin EditingAdministrative editing
Archive IconArchive
Calendar IconCalendar
Completed IconCompleted
Create New IconCreate new
Delete IconDelete
 DN addDiscrepancy Note: add
DN closeDiscrepancy Note: closed
DN New Discrepancy Note: new
DN not Applicable Discrepancy Note: not applicable
DN resolution ProposedDiscrepancy Note: resolution proposed
DN UpdateDiscrepancy Note: updated
Double Data EntryDouble data entry
Download IconDownload
Enter DataEnter data
Export Export
Forrm Contains changed undaved dataForm contains changed/unsaved data
Form has unchaged dataForm has unchanged data
Help Icon Help
Initial Data Entry completed Initial data entry completed
Invalid IconInvalid
Locked Icon Locked
New Version New version
Not Started Icon Not started
Print Icon Print
Ressign Reassign
remove Remove
Remove Role Remove role
Restore IconRestore
Schedule iconScheduled
SVD SDV complete
Set Role IconSet role
Sign IconSign
Skipped Skipped
Stopped Stopped
Un-Archive Un-archive
View IconView