Starting in OpenClinica 3.1.4, the print module has been revamped. The Printable CRF functionality uses javascript and CSS code applied to CDISC ODM data served by the REST API format to print the CRFs with and without data.

The CDISC-ODM model is based around a study protocol, and represents CRFs as part of a protocol. It does not cover CRFs when they are not part of a protocol, even if they are CRFs in the OpenClinica instance. To do this, and therefore allow printable views of non-study specific CRFs, we generate in the REST API calls a “fake” set of OIDs, starting with “OC_FORM_LIB” in the CDISC-ODM xml.

As an example:

            </StudyDescription><ProtocolName/></GlobalVariables><MetaDataVersion OID=”v1.0.0″ Name=”MetaDataVersion_v1.0.0″><Protocol>
            </Protocol><StudyEventDef OID=”OC_FORM_LIB_SE” Name=”OC_FORM_LIB_SE_NAME” Repeating=”NO” Type=”null”>
            <FormRef FormOID=”F_0000ARTESTRE_12″            Mandatory=”null”/>
            <FormDef OID=”F_0000ARTESTRE_12″ Name=”1.2″ Repeating=”No”>
            <OpenClinica:FormDetails FormOID=”F_0000ARTESTRE_12″ ParentFormOID=”F_TEST_FIELD_R”>….