1 Release Notes – OpenClinica 3.16 – (Current Production Release – 03-Nov-2020)

OpenClinica 3.16 contains a variety of enhancements and fixes to OpenClinica. View the entire 3.16 changelog here (login required).

Highlights include:

3.16 – 03-NOV-2020

Changes & Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where a form could still appear as available at the site level after removing it from an event definition at the study level. (OC-2188)
  • Fixed an issue where a large volume of removed rules targeting the same objects as active rules could cause performance issues when opening forms. (OC-12523)
  • Fixed an issue where rules could take too long to run, potentially causing failures. (OC-12424)
  • Enhanced OC3 security.
  • … and several other improvements


  • None


3.16.1 – 03-MAR-2021 (Changelog)

  • Updated version of OCForm form engine used by Participate module to resolve an issue encountered in using older browsers to complete offline forms. (OC-14595)

3.16.2 – 30-APR-2022 (Changelog)

  • Enhanced OC3 security.

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