OpenClinica 3.9 contains a variety of fixes and enhancements to both OpenClinica and OpenClinica Participate. Highlights are below. View the entire 3.9 changelog here (login required).


  • Participants can edit forms 
  • New module to add randomization capabilities to studies
  • Randomization rules can be configured to include stratification factors from subject attributes or CRF values 

Changes and Fixes

  • Data Entry: CRFs locked for data entry will be released if the session times out
  • Rules: Rule character limitation extended from 1025 to 2040
  • Rules: It is now possible to use the fully qualified path (e.g. SE_OID.CRF_OID.IG_OID.I_OID ) in the expression and it will evaluate to a result when run (where formerly the relative path had to be used to run)
  • Rules: Increased max character limitations in Notification rule actions to allow for longer subject lines (to 1024 chars) and bodies (to 2000 chars)
  • Support: Changed the support link in the UI to point to the new OpenClinica support portal:
  • Schedule Event: A uniqueness constraint has been applied so that it is not possible to have a duplicate event


  • Removed the “Report Issue” link (subsumed with new support portal)




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