OpenClinica version 3.7 provides bug fixes, and enhancements. A lot of work also went into Particpate including anonymous form submission. Visit our Particpate product page to learn more about this great patient engagement  and ePRO module. 


3.7 Changes and Fixes

Feature Name

File upload in CRFsOC-6625 File Upload, only when outside of GRID on a section which has a GRID, does not place the file in the backend on Replace
File upload in CRFsOC-2893 Attached files are not accessible when the items in the CRF are modified from a different level(study/site) during admin editing
File upload in CRFsOC-1996 Replacing and Removing Attached Files in Repeating Groups
Simple Conditional DisplayOC-6558 Skip logic not working in Administrative Editing when form status is completed
Manage / Upload CRFOC-3285 “Create a new CRF” page looks strange
Source Data Verification DashboardOC-1888 Event date in SDV screen is date Event created, instead of Event-start-date
Collect subject DOBOC-4540 Year of birth not changeable when PersonID “not used”

Minor Releases

3.7.1 Changes and Fixes

Feature Name

Participant Access codesFIX: Access codes were not being consistently generated for Participants and a fix has been issues.


3.7.2 Changes and Fixes

Feature Name

Collecting dates in local formatsOpenClinica supports the use of data collection with different localizations, including date localization. In 3.7 an issue was introduced where non-US dates were being incorrectly validated and could not be entered if the users browser language preference was not set to en_us AND local properties files were not included in the application. A fix has been issues.


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