OpenClinica Participate allows you to design Forms for Participant data entry. These electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) Forms are fully integrated in the study. Participants can enter data at scheduled times, and the data is immediately available for review by site and Study-level users.

Participate must be activated by a Data Manager before any Participate functionality is available.

Site users with access based on CRC or Investigator roles can add a Participant to the study and invite the Participant to complete the ePRO Forms.

Participants can access Participate Forms on their own devices (smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer) and submit them back to the study.

With Participate, you have total control over when Forms are available for each Participant, and the data is captured in real time. This ensures that Participants doesn’t pre-fill or back-fill forms. The underlying audit trail contains date-time stamps that prove whether a Participant completed the form(s) in the timeframe required by the study protocol.

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