OpenClinica 3.11 contains a variety of enhancements and fixes to both OpenClinica and OpenClinica Participate. View the entire 3.11 changelog here (login required).

A summary of highlights include: 


  • Support for SAS extract format (OC-6962)
  • Ability to set the default CRF version at the Site Level for participate forms (OC-7029)
  • Option to view the access code after connecting a participant (OC-7118)

Changes & Fixes: 

  • Fixes to CRF version migration feature:
    • Show/HideAction rules were not behaving properly after CRF version migration (OC-5918)
    • Hidden required fields prevent the CRF from being marked compete after CRF version migration (OC-3465)
    • OC does not record the correct user for CRF version migration in the audit log (OC-6711)
    • No properties for new items after CRF version migration (OC-7119)
  • 404 error message while exporting Notes & discrepancies (OC-6433)
  • Fixed the Data Mart xslt to make it compatible with PostgreSQL 9.5 (OC-7161)
  • Rule designer opens the wrong rule from the view rule page (OC-6840)
  • Removing (Pausing) an export job results in the job still running at the scheduled time (OC-6879)
  • Opening a participant form in data entry mode no longer makes it invalid for data entry by Participant (OC-7137)


  • Removed the sort link from the manage event definition page (OC-7100)

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