This article describes a method for downloading blank CRFs which are automatically available for Data Manager, Viewer, Monitor, CRC, Principal Investigator, Data Entry Person, and Data Specialist roles within Study Runner. 

Download Blank CRFs

  1. From the Tasks menu in Study Runner, select Blank Casebook.

Note: The specific user type dictates where in the Tasks menu the Blank CRF option will appear. Data Manager, Viewer, and Monitor users will see the option under “Monitor and Manage Data” and CRC, Principal Investigator, Data Entry Person, and Data Specialist users will see the option under “Submit Data”.

  1. The Blank Casebook page opens. Click the Get PDF button to download the Blank Casebook. 

  1. A green message bar will appear letting you know that the PDF is being generated. This may take some time if it is a large study. Click the Bulk Actions Log link to navigate to the Bulk Actions Log and view the status of the job. Refresh the page if the job has not yet completed.

  1. Click the Download icon to download the Blank Casebook PDF that was generated.

The Blank Casebook includes the date and time it was generated and the page number on each page. It also includes:

  • A cover page with the Study Name and Site Name if run at the site level.
  • A Table of Contents that includes the name of the Study Name and the study OID, Site Name and Site OID (if run at the site level), a heading for each event and a page number for each CRF below the associated event.
  • A title sheet for each CRF which includes Study Name, Study OID, Site Name and Site OID (if run at the site level), Event Name, Event OID, Form Name, Form OID, Form Version, and Form Version Publish Date.
  • A blank CRF for each CRF included in the download.


Blank Casebooks can be displayed in different languages (only for studies configured to support this). When a form has multiple languages configured, the Blank Casebook will display in the same language that would appear for the user when opening a form to edit on screen.

Note: OpenClinica does not yet have every language configured and tested. New languages are added to the system by request. If your preferred language is not currently set up in OpenClinica, please reach out to our Support Team to discuss getting it added.