This endpoint is used to retrieve a list of study level or site level Participants.

Access Control:

  • User roles authorized to call this endpoint and perform the specified operations:
    • Data Manager
    • Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC)
    • Investigators
  • Site level roles can perform this operation only on their site’s participants.
  • User roles NOT authorized to call this endpoint:
    • Monitors (study level and site level)

The user must be authenticated prior to calling this service. The operation is allowed based on the user’s privileges.

At Study Level:

GET {serverName}/pages/auth/api/clinicaldata/studies/{studyOID}/participants

where {serverName} is your study URL.

For example: https: //

At Site Level:

GET {serverName}/pages/auth/api/clinicaldata/studies/{studyOID}/sites/{siteOID}/participants

where {serverName} is your study URL.

For example: https: //

Sample cURL Request to Site Level Participants:

Response Body:

If the operation fails to get the list of participant IDs, the system returns an appropriate error code.

Below is a List of Error Codes and their Descriptions.

  • errorCode.studyNotExist: The study OID specified in the request is not found.
  • errorCode.invalidSiteIdentifier: The site OID specified in the request is not found.
  • errorCode.noRoleSetUp: Authenticated user does not have a role assigned for the given Study/Site.
  • errorCode.noSufficientPrivileges: The user does not have sufficient privileges to perform this operation.