ODM and OpenClinica support versioning of files with a FileOID attribute which is meant to uniquely identify the document.  The OID is generated in OpenClinica Extract Data module, from the file name which contains a timestamp down to the millisecond.  No effort is made to parse or connect this FileOID upon Bulk Data Import, however.

ODM and OpenClinica both support the FileType attribute, which is automatically set to Snapshot in Extract Data.

ODM also supports an optional Archival attribute, but OpenClinica does not generate or support this attribute currently.

In ODM, each data attribute has an optional TransactionType attribute. This attribute can be one of Insert, Update, Remove or Upsert.  OpenClinicas Extract Data always outputs TransactionTypes of Insert.  OpenClinicas Data Import module always processes data as if it were a TransactionType of Upsert, and ignores any TransactionType attributes specified in the ODM.

ODM also supports the concept of Element Ordering: where all time stamps on each element must precede the CreationDateTime of the ODM file.  Currently, OpenClinica does not have any logic which monitors date correctness in ODM files, during Import or Extract.