OpenClinica addresses two data entry edit check issues discovered in 3.1.3. This is a patch release targeted to fix two issues (1641516479) that worked correctly in 3.1.2 and can block data entry in certain cases. No other changes have been made between versions 3.1.3 and For additional information on this release, including known issues, please refer to the 3.1.3 Release Notes. It is highly recommended that all OpenClinica users upgrade as soon as possible. View the complete changelog.

Changes and Fixes

  • Fix errors in Validation/Edit Check logic. During Initial Data Entry, the version 3.1.3 system prevents saving data in CRF Sections containing blank required fields or fields containing Simple Validation Checks with non-conforming data even after creating a Discrepancy Note (DN). This phenomenon happens for both repeating and non-repeating Items during Initial Data Entry. For more details refer to issue 16415.
  • Fix errors in Rule logic. In 3.1.3, cross-form rules for the do not work properly if written for the same CRF item across different event definitions. For more details refer to issue 16479.

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