This Endpoint can be Called to Perform the Following Tasks:

  • Add a participant to a given site or study level.
  • Update participant contact information like first name, email address or mobile.
  • Register the participant to access OpenClinica Participate dashboard.


  • This endpoint can be called ONLY when the study has Participant ID setting set as ‘manual entry’
  • Participants can be registered for OpenClinica Participate ONLY when the Participate module is Active for the given study.

Access Control:

  • User roles authorized to call this endpoint and perform the specified operations:
    • Data Managers
    • Clinical Research Coordinators
    • Investigators
  • Site level roles can perform this operation only on their site’s participants.
  • User roles NOT authorized to call this endpoint:
    • Monitors (study level and site level)


POST {serverName}/pages/auth/api/clinicaldata/studies/{studyOID}/sites/{siteOID}/participants

where {serverName} is your study URL. For example: https: //

 Sample cURL Request:

Request Parameters:

  • register: Optional
    • Whether or not to register the participant for OpenClinica Participate
    • Possible values: y or n
    • Default is n

Response Body on Success:

Response Body on Failure:

 Below is the List of errorCodes with their Descriptions:

  • errorCode.studyNotExist: The study OID specified in the request is not found.
  • errorCode.studyNotAvailable: The study OID specified in the request is not in ‘Available’ status.
  • errorCode.siteNotExist: The site OID specified in the request is not found.
  • errorCode.siteNotAvailable: The site OID specified in the request is not in ‘Available’ status.
  • errorCode.noRoleSetUp: The user has no role assigned for the given study/site.
  • errorCode.noSufficientPrivileges: The user does not have sufficient privileges to perform this operation.
  • errorCode.studyHasSystemGeneratedIdEnabled: Study has Participant ID setting set to system-generated so this operation is NOT allowed.
  • errorCode.participateNotEnabled: OpenClinica Participate module is not active for the given Study and therefore, the operation is NOT allowed.
  • errorCode.participantIDContainsUnsupportedHTMLCharacter: The Participant ID contains unsupported HTML (<, >) characters.
  • errorCode.participantIDLongerThan30Characters: The Participant ID exceeds the 30 character limit.
  • errorCode.participantsEnrollmentCapReached: The pre-set Participant enrollment limit has reached. No new participants can be added to this study.
  • errorCode.invalidPhoneNumber: The phone number in the specified request is invalid.
  • errorCode.invalidEmailAddress: The email address in the specified request is invalid.
  • errorCode.emailAddressTooLong: The email address in the specified request is too long.