OpenClinica Insight Release 1 (v0.1.16)  (Release Date – 23 April, 2019)

OpenClinica Insight v0.1.16 allows you to reference data in the user accounts table and includes some minor enhancements.

Highlights of this release include:


  • Participant OID is now available in the OC4 insight data warehouse. The following tables have been updated for this change: Participants, Events, Event CRFs, Item Data, Queries, Audit Log, Missing Forms, Participant Matrix, and all Item Group (form data) tables.
  • The following user account tables have been added to the Insight study database:
    • User Accounts
      This table contains a list of all user accounts that have (or ever had) a study- or site-level role in the given study environment.
    • User Roles
      This table contains all standard and customized user roles defined and available for user accounts in the given study environment.
    • User Account Role
      This table contains the mapping of each user account with the corresponding assigned user role in the study environment.
    • User Types: This table contains the user types possible for all user accounts. For example: Admin, User, Technical Administrator (reserved), and Participant (reserved). 

Changes & Fixes:

  • Refresh time improvements