OpenClinica properties files may contain some legacy strings which should have been removed. For this reason, translating page by page on the front end, instead of translating string by string in the properties files, is recommended.

  1. Create a new local directory for your work space
  2. Copy all the original properties files, except, into the new directory
  3. Rename each of the 9 files so the language extension is appended as explained in section 11.2, e.g., ? (make sure you are not modifying the original files)
  4. Open the page you wish to start translating, e.g., /OpenClinica/MainMenu
  5. Chose a word and/or sentence you wish to translate, e.g., "Alerts & Messages"
  6. Search the string(s) chosen in Step 2 throughout the work directory you created in the Step 1
    • Some text editors such as TextWrangler (Mac)/NotePad++ (Wind) makes this step easy

Multi-File Search


Once you found the string you wish to translate

  1. Translate the word(s)

    alerts_messages = ????????

  2. Duplicate the line

    alerts_messages = ????????

    alerts_messages = ????????

  3. Comment out the first line

    #alerts_messages = ????????

    alerts_messages = ????????

  4. Now convert the translated string into Unicode value using a tool such as this.
  5. #alerts_messages = ????????

    alerts_messages = u8b66u544au3068u30e1u30c3u30bbu30fcu30b8

It’s important to leave the readable string in the commented line, in case you need to modify/update the string later.