You can print a single CRF for a Subject or print an entire Subject Casebook. Each of these is addressed below.

Print a Single CRF for a Subject

To print a Single CRF for a Subject:

  1. From the Subject Matrix, click the Data Entry Status icon for the Subject and Event CRF you want to print. Then select View/Enter Data.
  2. In the list of CRFs, click the Print icon for the CRF you want to print. Use your browser’s Print options to print the Subject’s CRF.

Print or View a Subject Casebook

A Subject Casebook can be viewed or printed and includes all the data for all Events for the selected Subject. Features of this option include:

  • A formal structure that includes a Table of Contents with each Event status and each Event CRF status for the Subject
  • The ability to include Audit Trail information and/or Notes and Discrepancies in the output
  • Hyperlinked access (when viewing online) to CRF pages and Item metadata
  • Various format options (HTML, JSON, or CDISC ODM XML)
  • Signature and attestation information for any signed Events or Casebooks
  • Header and footer information (when printed) that includes the current date, the URL for the online Casebook, and page numbers 

 To print a Subject Casebook:

  1. From the Subject Matrix, in the Actions column, click the View icon for the Subject.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Subject Casebook.
  3. Select the format for the results: Printable HTML, JSON, or CDISC ODM XML.
  4. Select or deselect the options to include Notes and Discrepancies and/or Audit Trail information.
  5. Select the option for accessing the output: 
    1. To access the URL for the Subject Casebook, click Get Link
      1. The URL can be opened in a separate browser tab and modified to display only a specific CRF page (HTML, JSON, or CDISC ODM XML), or to display all Subjects (JSON and CDISC ODM XML only) if desired.
        For example, change the SS_OID to *(JSON or XML only), or change the * that follows the SS_OID to the OID for a specific CRF. These are in bold in the sample URL below:*/*?includeDNs=y&includeAudits=y

    2. To view the results, click Open.

  6. Review the output:
    1. The first page of the HTML output is a Table of Contents and includes the Data Entry Status for all Events and Event CRFs for the Subject.
    2. If you included Audit Trail information in your selections, the Audit Events are listed for each Event and CRF.
    3. If an Event or Casebook has been signed, the signature information and attestation are displayed/printed with the Event/Casebook data.
    4. Click any red, underlined hyperlinks to quickly access details for that topic
      1. Case Report Forms: Jump to the CRF data.
      2. Item Name: Jump to the detailed metadata for that item.
  7. Print the output:
    1. Use your browser’s print options to print the output. The printed version of the Casebook includes the current date in the Header, and the URL address of the online casebook and page number in the Footer.