OpenClinica version 3.4 provides new features, bug fixes, and performance enhacemenets.

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Role for site data entryIt is now possible to have a data entry role that is restricted to a site which is not a Clinical Research Coordinator.

OIDs are OpenClinica identifiers which other systems may not be aware of. For easier integration of systems, we are exposing Study Subject ID for use in the REST API calls for clinical data.

Token for StudySubjectOID

OpenClinica CRFs support use of tokens as variables which could be used in many ways but perhaps are most useful in URLs or in scripts (e.g. Java-script). We have added a new token which will substitute the variable with the given study subjects StudySubject OID; ${studySubjectOID}.

Changes and Fixes

Normalize Date/Time stampsDates are captured for many entities throughout the system but were captured in different formats. In some places the date was being rendered as the database server time while in others were rendered as the application server date. All dates related to data capture are now captured as date+time+offset.
Restoring CRF version doesn’t bring back removed dataIf a user had access to a Global CRF which had been used for data entry and they removed the CRF, if it was restored, the item data were not being restored.

Performance issue due to unnecessary repeated generation of JavaScript

Unnecessary generation of repeated javascript could cause slower performance. This has been fixed.

Update CRF Template to include corrections and additional guidance to the Instructions worksheet

CRF Template Instructions contain more detail on best practices for building CRF with use of Groups.

Display a message to the user if OpenClinica is accessed from a non-supported browser or browser version

If a user accesses OpenClinica from a browser which is not officially supported, a warning message will appear on the login screen.

PrintCRF Left Item Text HTML will not render

If HTML was used in LEFT_ITEM_TEXT it was printing the tags but will now be passed through (e.g. formatting will display correctly) in the printed views.

Cannot insert a value using rule into a PDATE field from another PDATE field

If a rule was created to insert from one PDATE into another it was not working correctly. This has been fixed.




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Known Issues

Below is a list of known issues in the 3.3 version of OpenClinica.

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