2014 OpenClinica Product Vision Statement

Alicia Goodwin, Product Owner

At its core, OpenClinica is data in and data out with 100% traceability. But its more than that. OpenClinica facilitates complex clinical studies and workflows with powerful edit-checking in a user-friendly, not-so-technical way empowering clinical research professionals to drive their own studies. It supports the complexity required for some studies while making the key function, Data Entry, extremely intuitive, easy and quick. OpenClinica can be engaging for subjects as well, giving them a super simple, highly accessible way to report their own data.

OpenClinica is valuable to its stakeholders who include Data Managers, Clinicians, Subjects, and Sponsors.

  • OpenClinica is valuable to Data Managers because by providing them simple tools that can support complex logic; they can easily configure their study to support their Protocol without having to rely on a programmer. Data Managers have deep clinical knowledge and expertise and OpenClinica is a user-friendly tool that lets them implement their protocols in a web-based application.  
  • OpenClinica is valuable to the clinicians who are seeing the patients and executing the protocol because it helps them to do their job. The clinician can enroll a subject and OpenClinica can generate the patient calendar because OpenClinica knows the protocol. When a subject comes in for a visit, OpenClinica knows which Event the subject should be on, which forms should be used and if the subject misses a visit or is out of window, it sends the coordinator notification. If the clinician needs to reschedule an event, OpenClinica can automatically update subsequent Events if necessary or trigger a protocol deviation. All of this is just a click or two away and requires very little manual intervention from the clinician because OpenClinica can automatically walk them through the workflow. This helps the clinician focus on what is most important quality patient care and study protocol compliance.
  • OpenClinica is valuable to Study Subjects who want to participate in a study that is meaningful to them, but dont want the burden of constant, time-consuming hospital visits or cumbersome technical tools which they may find frustrating. OpenClinica can give Subjects friendly reminders to log in on mobile device and answer some questions in an easy-to-read format that doesnt require training or a lot of time.
  • OpenClinica is valuable to Sponsors because they can rely on its quality data. The ways in which OpenClinica can facilitate overall costs savings is by reduced overhead costs of study management and monitoring by exposing meaningful information to answer important business intelligence questions.

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