The body of the home page for a user whose Role is Monitor shows the Source Data Verification (SDV) table.

If you are a Monitor for a Site, the SDV table includes only Subjects and data for that Site. If you are a Monitor for a Study, the table includes all Subjects and data for the Study.

The Source Data Verification table provides two views of data, which you access from the tabs at the top of the table:

  • View By Event CRF: Use this view to evaluate the conformity of the source data in CRFs. The view shows only CRFs that are ready for Source Data Verification, that is, marked complete.
  • View By Study Subject ID: Use this view for all Subjects, whether or not they are ready for Source Data Verification.

For more information, see Source Data Verification.

Monitor Home Page - Event View 

Tasks Available to a Monitor

Modules (groups of Tasks) available for the Monitor to use are:

  • Monitor and Manage Data
  • Extract Data

Some Tasks a Monitor can perform are:

  • View All Subjects
  • View Events
  • Notes & Discrepancies
  • Source Data Verification