Now, you’ll need to make database updates for your database: either PostgreSQL or Oracle. The instructions apply to upgrading OpenClinica on Linux and Windows systems:


  1. Open the file README_Instructions_for_Duplicate_Row_Fix.txt, located at

  2. Follow the instructions in the README file.


  1. At the location /usr/local/oc/OpenClinica-v.x.y/config/databases/v.x.y/Oracle/upgrade, open the file README_Instructions_for_Duplicate_Row_Fix.txt, and follow the instructions in the README file.
  2. As the sysdba user, run the Grant_View.sql script located in /usr/local/oc/OpenClinica-v.x.y/config/databases/v.x.y/Oracle/upgrade.
  3. The script prompts you for a user name: provide the user name for the database user OpenClinica is set up to use, as specified in the file that you configured during installation. Run this script before starting Tomcat. There is no risk in running this script on a database that has already been upgraded to 3.1.y.