1. Select Start > Apache Tomcat 6.0 > Configure Tomcat.
    The Apache Tomcat 6 Properties window opens.
  2. Click the Java tab, then complete the Java page as follows:
    1. For Maximum memory pool, enter 1280.
    2. In the Java Options text box, add this line at the end:


Please note that this setting is based upon the number of war files deployed. The web war needs a 180m of PermGen and the ws war needs a 90m of PermGen memory settings.

  1. The window should now look like this:

    Tomcat 6 Properties

  2. Click Apply, which completes the configuration of Tomcat.
  3. Start Tomcat:
    1. Click the General tab.
    2. On the General page, click Start.
  4. In about five minutes, Tomcat will be fully started. Verify it is fully started by opening the file c:octomcatlogscatalina.out, and looking for this line:
    INFO: Server Startup in XXXXX ms
  5. After verifying Tomcat has fully started, in the General page of the Apache Tomcat 6 Properties window, click Stop.
  6. Wait two minutes for Tomcat to stop, then delete OpenClinca.war from c:octomcatwebapps.