OpenClinica 3.8 contains a variety of fixes and enhancements to both OpenClinica and OpenClinica Participate. Highlights are below. View the entire 3.8 changelog here (login required).


  • Capture data in Participate using configurable visual analog scales (VAS).
  • Intelligent parsing of Participant phone numbers (used to send text message notifications/reminders) submitted in varying formats
  • Display “Add Another” and “Remove” as buttons for Participants to add/remove repeating data structures
  • Display a custom study-specific logo on Participate dashboard
  • Better support for designing Participate forms using OpenRosa XForms. 
  • Display media (images, video, audio) within OpenClinica Participate forms when using XForms.
  • API methods to ennhance CTMS integration abilities:
    • REST call to create studies
    • REST call to create event definitions
    • REST call to create sites
    • Overhauled API documentation, and made interactive

Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed audit log not displaying correct user when SDV status is changed
  • Fix to filters in manage rules table to search by RunOnSchedule attribute
  • Fix problem with date validation in internationalized calendars
  • Fixes to various Participate login/session related issues
  • Fix to bug that allowed multiple occurrences of a non-repeating event to be scheduled under certain circumstances

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