OpenClinica 3.1.2


OpenClinica 3.1.2 is an important maintenance release of OpenClinica 3.1 and it is highly recommended you upgrade as soon as possible. 3.1.2 addresses a large number of issues discovered with 3.1 and 3.1.1. The most notable improvements include:

Fixes to Extract Data issues tied to extract job completion, data format/accuracy

Increased data capture performance (especially for very large CRFs with lots of rules)

Show/Hide improvements allowing use of simple conditionals with rule-based show/hide on CRF items, and numerous other fixes

Addition of filter/sort persistence on SDV, so when you leave the page and return your filter sort settings will persist.

Addition of audit entry upon entry of initial value to an item

The web application and the web services modules of OpenClinica are in separate war files.

Features and Issues Addressed –


OpenClinica 3.1


This release of OpenClinica addresses issues in OpenClinica 3.0.x and includes many new features and functionality. Please see and for some information on the new features. 

A list of all the issues addressed in the 3.1 release can be found at




All issues addressed can be found at

In particular, this releases resolves problems with Partial Dates with a full date value getting saved to the database incorrectly as well as upgrading 3.0.3 to 3.0.4 with Oracle when the same RULE OID is present 3 or more times.


OpenClinica 3.0.4 


All issues addressed can be found at


OpenClinica 3.0.3 


All issues addressed can be found at


OpenClinica 3.0.2


All issues addressed can be found at