When a Participant is invited to a Participate-activated Study, the Participant receives an email notification that provides access to the complete the Participate forms:

When the Participant accesses Participate the first time, the Participant’s status changes to Active and everything the Participant needs is at his/her fingertips.

When the Participant taps or clicks Let’s Go–> the form(s) scheduled for the event are presented.








Constraints and Required Fields on Participate Forms

If a Participate form is designed with constraints (edit checks) or indicates that fields are required, Participants must resolve those issues before being able to move on to the next page or close the form.

If a field value is changed, and that change fails a constraint or field requirement, the Participant is notified as follows:

  • If the response was changed to a value that fails a constraint for that item:
    • The new value is rejected
    • The constraint message displays
    • The Participant is instructed to update the field with a suitable value

  • If the response was removed and the item was defined as required:
    • The original value remains
    • A message indicating that the field is required displays
    • The Participant is instructed to enter a suitable value in the field

  • If the response was changed and that causes a constraint, required or field relevancy error on another item or group:
    • The field is highlighted and the appropriate message displays to indicate the issue (constraint, required, or conflict with a relevant other value). For example:

      On page 1 of this form, the user indicated a pain level of 10 out of 10 and indicated Hurt a Whole Lot on this form. The Participant closed the form, saving all changes. S/he then clicked Edit and changed this response to Hurt a Little Bit. The following message displayed:

      On page 1 of this form, the user indicated that s/he had no pain issues. Based on that response, no additional questions were required. The Participant closed the form, saving all changes. Then the Participant edited this form to indicate that s/he had pain issues. Based on that new response, the following field is required and displays as follows:

Participant Form and Event Statuses

As Participants enter data into forms, the status of those forms will change. Once all forms for an event are completed and the Participant clicks “Let’s move on”, the event status changes. These changes occur as follows:

  • For an Event that contains a Participant form, as the Participant enters data into the form, the form status changes to “Initial Data Entry”. Once the Participant clicks “Let’s move on”, the form status changes to “Completed”.
    • If this is the only form in the event, the event status also changes to “Completed”.
    • If there are also non-Participate forms in the Event
      • If the non-Participate form(s) has a status of “Initial Data Entry”, the event status remains as “Data entry started”.
      • If the non-Participate form(s) have a status of “Completed”, the event status is set to “Completed”.

Participant Forms and Loss of Internet Connection

If a Participant is in the process of completing a Participate form and loses internet access but continues to enter data, a “Failure to save data” message displays.

If the Participant is still offline and tries to close the form, a message displays indicating that data will be lost.


Any data entered prior to losing the internet connection is saved successfully, however, and the form is listed in the Edit section on the Participant Dashboard.

If the Participant was on the Particpant Dashboard when s/he was disconnected from the internet, and the Participant clicks Let’s move on, no action occurs. The participant will be able to “move on’ once an internet connection is re-established and s/he returns to the Participant Dashboard.