Administrators have access to all studies and all sites in your OpenClinica test and production environments. This user type should be assigned to a limited number of users in your organization. Typically, one or two users are assigned the user type of Administrator.

Administrators are the only user type with access to:

Access the links above for more information on creating a study or performing central user administration. 

See below for information on the Web Services interface.


APIs may require you to provide Object Identifiers (OIDs) that are specific to your study.

OIDs are are unique identifiers that are automatically generated for objects you create (for example, there is a unique OID for each: Study, Site, Event, Form, Item Group, Item, and Study Participant).

For information on locating any of the OIDs for your study, see Locating Object Identifiers.

Web Service Interface

Web services allow Administrators to access Participant information programmatically outside of OpenClinica’s primary user interface. Web Services can be called from other systems (see OpenClinica 4 Technical Documentation) or on an as-needed basis using the Web Services Information link on the Administration page.

To access the Web Services user interface, from the user menu, select Administration (this link is only available to users defined as Administrator user type), and then click Web Services Information.

The API Documentation page opens in a new browser tab. Many APIs are listed, though at this time the Participant API is the only set that is available in OC4. More APIs will be made available in the future.

Click the Participant API for a list of available APIs within that category.

The following list of APIs, including a description of each API’s use displays:

Click the API that you want to use to open that API’s interactive documentation. Review the documentation for the API. To execute the API, click Try it Out, provide the requested information in the displayed fields, and click Execute.

The Responses section shows the results of the operation. If there were any errors in the information you provided, a descriptive error message is listed in the results.

Following is an example of the Get API interface, which gets a list of all participants at the study level:

This API requires that you provide the studyOID. Click Try it out and provide the studyOID:

Click Execute to see the results (which are provided in JSON code):

Each web service functions similarly – you are provided with documentation on the information required to run the web service, you can then “Try it out” and provide that information, execute the web service, and review the results. 

For more information on calling Web Services externally, see the OpenClinica 4 Technical Documentation.