Here are some recommended best practices for designing studies and forms that use OpenClinica Participate:

  • Reference the tooltips and instruction worksheet of the CRF Template as you create your forms. Best practices, tips, and usage information are provided for each attribute on the template.
  • Keep your forms at a length that is practical for a Participant to work with on a mobile device. OpenClinica does not save data locally on Participant devices, so shorter forms can help eliminate the potential for data loss.
  • If you do not want a Participant to see forms for future Events on his/her device, schedule each Event just prior to when you want the form to be completed and connect the Participant prior to when you want them to complete the form. This way, only the forms relevant to the scheduled Event are displayed. If you schedule multiple Events in advance, all forms for all those Events are available to the Participant when the Participant is connected. Scheduling one event at a time eliminates the chance that a Participant completes a form prior to the expected completion date.