If you followed all the previous instructions exactly, there is only one property in the configuration file, datainfo.properties, that you may need to change in order for OpenClinica Web Services to start. There are other properties in the configuration file you will probably want to modify for your system, however.

Note: Most of the properties are not needed or used for Web Services, see Description of datainfo.properties File for Web Services for more information on what settings are actually used.

  1. Using WordPad, open the configuration file:
  2. Edit values for the properties in the datainfo.properties file. You must change all values from Database Configuration section of datainfo.properties file to reflect your settings in datainfo.properties file for OpenClinica application. Change the values for any other properties. 

    The datainfo.properties file for Windows is the same as for Linuxsee more information at Description of datainfo.properties File for WebServices.

  3. If you are installing Web Services for OpenClinica 3.1.2 and early please edit adminEmail property (section 5 – adminEmail) if you would like e-mail to be send through ‘Contact’ link from Web Services welcome page.
  4. Other properties that can be configured for web services are:
    1. Section 11 – Logging configuration
  5. When you finish making changes, save the file.