The OpenClinica software uses an underlying relational database management system, either PostgreSQL or Oracle. Complete these instructions if you will be using the PostgreSQL database. If you will be using the Oracle database, install Oracle instead of completing these instructions. Note: we do not provide instructions for installing Oracle.

  1. The current directory on your system should be /usr/local/oc/install. If it is not, make it the current directory by running:

    cd /usr/local/oc/install

  2. Start the PostgreSQL setup by running:

    chmod a+x postgresql-8.4.*
    ./postgresql-8.4.* –mode text

    The PostgreSQL Setup Wizard starts.

  3. For most of the options in the Setup Wizard, accept the defaults. Complete the Setup Wizard as follows:

    Installation Directory [/opt/PostgreSQL/8.4]Press Enter to accept.
    Data Directory [/opt/PostgreSQL/8.4/data]Press Enter to accept.
    PasswordEnter a password for the PostgreSQL database superuser, then press Enter. Record the password because you will need it again in this installation.
    Retype PasswordType the password again, then press Enter.
    Port [5432]Press Enter to accept.
    Please choose an option [1]Press Enter to accept.
    Install pl/pgsql in template1 database? [Y/n]Type n, then press Enter.
    Do you want to continue? [Y/n]Press Enter to accept.
    Setup has finished installing PostgreSQL on your computer.

    Stack Builder may be used to download and install additional tools, drivers and applications to complement your PostgreSQL installation. [Y/n]

    Type n, then press Enter.


PostgreSQL is now installed on your system and will start when you start up your system.