Use the following process to acquire, install, and configure OpenClinca and its software dependencies. In each step, click the link to view detailed instructions for that step:

  1. Ensure your operating system meets the specified requirements
  2. Download the installation files
  3. Install Java
  4. Install Tomcat
  5. Install the database you will use, either PostgreSQL or Oracle:
    • Follow these instructions to install PostgreSQL.
    • If you are using Oracle, you will need to obtain the instructions to install it. OpenClinica does not provide instructions to install Oracle.
  6. Set up the database you installed:
  7. Deploy OpenClinica within Tomcat
  8. Set Tomcat to start
  9. Configure the OpenClinica application
  10. Restart the system and verify access to OpenClinica
  11. Configure Tomcat to use HTTPS
  12. Verify the installation by ensuring you can log in to OpenClinica.

After completing the OpenClinica installation, see the Overview of OpenClinica for instructions to start using the application. A good first step is to define one or more users (especially a Study Director) and then build a Study.