15 Release Notes - OpenClinica 3.3

OpenClinica version 3.3 provides new features, bug fixes, and performance enhacemenets.

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Feature Description
Schedule Next Event Study designers can build rules to automatically schedule events using Event Start Date and Event Status. When users schedule events and perform data entry, the next event or events can be automatically scheduled.
Parameterized links

Using Tokens (substitution variables) for study objects (such as Study Name, Event Name, CRF Name, Study Subject, etc). users can designer a form that will dynamically use the value of these variables either for representation on the form, to build a dynamic URL or for use in jquery.

Changes and Fixes

Feature Description
Long duration of saving CRFs with dynamic items Long save times were experienced with complex CRFs including dynamic items. Indeces were added to improve performance times.


Feature Description


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Known Issues

Below is a list of known issues in the 3.3 version of OpenClinica.

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