OpenClinica 3.12 contains a variety of enhancements and fixes to both OpenClinica and OpenClinica Participate. View the entire 3.12 changelog here (login required).

A summary of highlights include: 


  • Support for batch CRF Migration (OC-7092)
  • APIs to report OpenClinica configuration

Changes & Fixes: 

  • Select all items in a study link now retrieves the correct number of data items(OC-3437)
  • Hidden required fields will no longer prevent CRFs from being marking complete(OC-7292)
  • Fixes to the creation of DN rules when the rule message was longer than 255 characters(OC-5891)
  • When the items in the rule expresssion belong to the same repeating group as the item in the target then you don’t have to specify the item group OID in the expression(OC-7360)
  • Blank rows created in item data during import when non-repeating groups were followed after repeating groups with ordinal greater than 1(OC-7431)


  • Old audit log records will not be corrected for those affected by the SDV bug introduced in 3.6 release version.

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