clinicaldata endpoint is used to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Import clinical data to the study
  • Get clinical data in JSON format
  • Get clinical data in CDISC XML format

Note: User needs to be authenticated before calling this service. Based on the user’s privileges the operation would be allowed.


Import clinical data to the study

POST /pages/auth/api/clinicaldata/

Request Parameters:

  • content-type: text/xml
  • filename=”importFilename.xml”

Filename.xml should be replaced with an XML file that contains the CRF data of the study participants.

Please refer to the Import Data documentation for XML file structure and details.

Response Body on Success:

    "message": "SUCCESS",
    "detailMessages": [
        "Audit Messages:success n n n",
        "Rule Action Messages:",
        "Skip CRF Messages:"

Response Body on Failure:

    "message": "VALIDATION FAILED",
    "errors": [
            "code": "errorCode.ValidationFailed",
            "message": "Missing studyEventRepeatKey for common event  StudyEventOID: SE_AEANDCONMEDS n"