Follow these instructions to configure an Oracle 10g database to run with OpenClinica versions 3.1 and 3.1.1.

  1. Open a shell/command prompt window and change the current directory to the location of the OpenClinica database files.
  2. Ensure there is at least 512MB of disk space available at that location.
  3. Start sqlplus:
    1. Run
      sqlplus sys as sysdba
    2. When prompted for the password, enter the sys password.
  4. At the SQL prompt, run the script to set up the database tablespace and database user “clinica”:
    1. Run
    2. When the following prompts are display (shown below in bold), provide these values (shown below in code font):
      • Specify Tablespace name for Clinica Data:
      • Specify Tablespace type for Clinica Data (S/M/L):
        (This specifies a tablespace size of Large, 512MB.)
      • DataFile Name (with exact path):

        (This is the default oradata directory for Linux; specify the full path to the oradata directory on your system.)
      • Specify the wanted username for the OpenClinica oracle account:
    3. Check spool_oracle_setup_db.txt for any errors.
  5. Change the default password “clinica” to a secure password:
    1. As the sysdba user, connect to your instance via sqlplus by running
      sqlplus sys as sysdba
    2. Run the following command, where PASSWORD is the new, secure password you are sepcifying for the clinica database user:
      alter user clinica identified by PASSWORD;
  6. Start Tomcat, which will build the OpenClinica database within the tablespace.
  7. After the tablespace is built, create indexes to help performance by running the following:
    1. Connect to sqlplus as the clinica user by running:
      sqlplus clinica/clinica
    2. Run this script: