If you followed all the previous instructions exactly, there is only one property in the configuration file, datainfo.properties, that you may need to change in order for OpenClinica to start. There are other properties in the configuration file you will probably want to modify for your system, however.

  1. Using WordPad, open the configuration file:
  2. Edit values for the properties in the datainfo.properties file. You must change the value for dbPass to the password you selected in Set Up the PostgreSQL Database. Change the values for any other properties.

    The datainfo.properties file for Windows is the same as for Linuxsee more information at Description of datainfo.properties File.
  3. When you finish making changes, save the file.
  4. You may also need to configure OpenClinica for internationalization should you wish to utilize OpenClinica in different languages. Also, if you need to use some UTF-8 characters in your application, you may need to modify your default connecter configuration. For more information regarding configuring OpenClinica for internationalization and using UTF-8 characters, please refer to https://docs.openclinica.com/3.1/technical-documents/openclinica-and-internationalization