The OpenClinica software is written in the Java programming language, so you must have Java installed on your system in order to run the OpenClinica application.

  1. The current directory on your system should be /usr/local/oc/install. If it is not, make it the current directory by running:

    cd /usr/local/oc/install

  2. Install Java by running:

    chmod a+x jdk-6*

  3. When the files finish extracting, the system displays “Press Enter to continue …,” press Enter.
  4. A web browser window opens, presenting you with the option to register the Java software. Register, or close the window.
  5. Install Java in the operating system by running:

    mv jdk1* /usr/local/
    ln -s /usr/local/jdk1* /usr/local/java

Java is now installed in the correct location.