OpenClinica version 3.8 provides new features and enhancements. A lot of work also went into Particpate including anonymous form submission. Visit our Particpate product page to learn more about this great patient engagement  and ePRO module. 

3.8 New

Document OpenClinica REST API

OpenClinica’s RESTful API methods must be documented in a clear, succinct manner that allows developers to easily use them for integration, extension, and customization purposes. 

CTMS Integration

It must be possible to create a study with basic protocol information via REST API. It must also be possible to create Event Definitions (in name only – not CRFs) with a REST API. These can be used to get Protocol information from a CTMS system and build a basic study in OpenClinica.

Custom logo in Participate

It must be possible to have a custom logo per study that is present in Participate for participant-facing screens (e.g. when a participant logs in, they can see the “study” logo).

Particpant forms have a Visual Analog Scale (VAS) as in input type

It must be possible to have a Visual Analog Scale (VAS) in a participant form. These must adjust to different screen sized and work on mobile devices.

3.8 Changes and Fixes

Feature Name

Prevent a non-repeating event from being created more than onceIn limited circumstances it is possible that a non-repeating event is created more than once. We will issue a fix to prevent this from happening.

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