OpenClinica 3.15 contains a variety of enhancements and fixes to both OpenClinica and OpenClinica Participate. View the entire 3.15 changelog here (login required).

Highlights include: 

3.15 – 19-FEB-2020


  • Study Subject ID on the Participant Matrix is a link to the View Subject page. (OC-6790)

Changes & Fixes: 

  • New studies can be created using IE 11. (OC-9823)
  • Fixed issue with Job Log messages not being rendered correctly. (OC-9075)
  • Fixed issue with study metadata rendering some characters incorrectly. (OC-9066)
  • Fixed issue with Subject Casebooks when items have similar names. (OC-9036)
  • Fixed issue with Rules not working with multi-select items as expected. (OC-8975)
  • Fixed typo in XML schema that caused an API error. (OC-8901)
  • Fixed issue where text values could be treated as partial dates. (OC-8752)
  • Updated default end date for new datasets to ensure it is in the future. (OC-8368)
  • SAS extracts do not truncate text at 255 characters. (OC-7439)
  • Emojis in text items will not prevent extracting data. (OC-7263)
  • File upload size limit is increased to 100 MB. (OC-6779)
  • Fixed issue with version migration user in audit logs. (OC-6711)
  • Fixed issue with extracting Study Subjects whose Enrollment Dates were removed. (OC-6322)
  • Fixed issue with Data Mart response text limit of 255 characters. (OC-5755)
  • Fixed issue with editing sites after changing to a different study. (OC-5601)
  • Fixed issue with accessing datasets after changing to a different study. (OC-5599)
  • HTML Tags in Repeating Group Items are rendered correctly in Double Data Entry. (OC-3272)
  • Removed sites no longer appear in the Change Study/Site list. (OC-2447)
  • Fixed issue with SDV Requirement filters not working for Site Monitor users. (OC-1887)
  • Fixed issue with viewing event definitions after changing to a different study. (OC-1849)
  • … and several other improvements


  • None



3.15.2 – 17-APR-2020 (Changelog Part 1, Part 2)

  • New Feature: Study Subject OIDs will now be included in responses from the “listAllByStudy” SOAP webservice endpoint. (OC-12548)
  • Fixed issue causing “\” to be interpreted literally when entering data into form fields, instead of their intended function as escape characters. (OC-12543, OC-12547)
  • Fixed issue that prevented some non-admin users from entering data into forms at the site level. (OC-12586)
  • Fixed issue causing entries with special characters to be displayed incorrectly in the ODM audit log. (OC-12633)
  • Fixed issue where multiple users switching back and forth on the same browser without closing their tabs could lead to unexpected results. (OC-12286)

Note: 3.15.1 was an internal release. Its fixes are first included generally in 3.15.2.


3.15.3 – 14-MAY-2020 (Changelog)

  • Fixed issue that could prevent successful data entry in site-specific form version. (OC-12744)


3.15.4 – 19-MAY-2020 (Changelog)

  • Updated version of OCForm form engine used by Participate module to support continued use of offline form functionality with recent updates to web browsers. (OC-12647)

3.15.5 – 8-JUN-2020 (Changelog)

  • Resolved an issue where single-quote characters in response text were interpreted incorrectly. (OC-12778)
  • Resolved an issue where single-quote characters were causing some form item text functionality to break. (OC-12835)

3.15.6 – 19-JUN-2020 (Changelog)

  • Updated version of OCForm form engine used by Participate module to resolve issues with Participate form display in some browsers. (OC-12951)

 3.15.7 – 09-JUL-2020 (Changelog)

  • Resolved issue where the use of single-quote characters instead of double-quote characters in JavaScript included in form templates caused an error when uploading the template to create a CRF. (OC-12973)
  • Updated the instructions in the form template to provide more accurate information about which fields accept spaces. Form template is now version 3.10. (OC-716)

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