Here you can acces information about existing, as well as upcoming, OpenClinica releases.

The 2014 Product Vision Statement is an important document that helps guide our development

2014 Road Map


Printed Subject Casebook wth Provenance dataDONE


Schedule Next Event AutomaticallyDONE
Tokens / Parameterized linksDONE

Q3 / Q4

Connect a Study to Particpant Portal (PP)IN PROGRESS
Participant Portal form DesignIN PROGRESS
Register ParticipantIN BACKLOG
Particpant Portal View Form and Enter DataIN BACKLOG
Send email to Participant on day of the EventIN BACKLOG

Participant Portal skip patterns


Show participant their schedule of to-be completed events and forms

Participant portal rules-based validation
Study Build Event Definition supports tagging form as Participant formIN BACKLOG
Control status on import of Event DataIN BACKLOG
Normalize the colletion of date-time stamps regardless of where DB or Tomcat server are hostedIN BACKLOG

2015 Road Map, and beyond

Send email to participant on day of eventIN BACKLOG
VAS for pain scale in Participant PortalIN BACKLOG
Support use of rule with EmailAction for Participant Portal formsIN BACKLOG
Medical CodingIN BACKLOG
Built-in reportingIN BACKLOG