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DRAFT OpenClinica 4 Stack 17.4 (Scheduled Release Date – 21 January 2023)

OpenClinica 4 Stack 17.4 contains targeted updates to OpenClinica. View the entire Stack 17.4 changelog here (login required). 


Study Runner

  • Internationalization: Study Runner and Forms opened from Study Runner can now be displayed in different languages based on study configuration and a user’s browser locale settings. Initially, English (en) and German (de) are the supported languages. 


  • Additional Data Domains: Participant Immunizations, Encounters, Conditions, and Procedures data can now be sent from the Cerner EHR to OpenClinica using Unite. This expands the existing ability to send patient EHR data including Labs, Medications, and Demographics to OpenClinica. 


  • Qualification Report: The most recent UpOQ report can now be downloaded from within OpenClinica using a button on the Administration page. The report layout and style have been updated to present the information in a cleaner, more concise format. For customers using Insight, Insight UpOQ reports will continue to be provided separately. 

Changes and Fixes:

Study Runner

  • Fixed an issue that caused Common Event form table search on the Participant Details Page to return unexpected results for some text in the Form Status column. (OC-19515)
  • Fixed an issue that caused version reassignment for non-repeating Common Event forms to fail from the Participant Details Page. (OC-19583)
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Common Event Add New button on the Participant Details Page to remain active after being clicked. This could result in duplicate form records being created. (OC-19101)
  • Fixed an issue on the Participant Details Page causing form tables for Archived Common Events to not be displayed in some cases when the record filter is changed while using the page. (OC-19512)
  • Fixed an issue on the Participant Details Page that caused Common Event form tables to highlight an incorrect row after adding a form while the record filter was set to show Removed records. (OC-19537)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a Common Event section from loading correctly on the Participant Details Page if a Common Event form table was configured to show a column for a select_multiple item which had more than 50 choices. (OC-19547)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Common Event form table search on the Participant Details Page to return no results if the search term contained a leading or trailing space. (OC-19517)
  • Improved performance of generating PDF Casebooks for Participants with any forms. (OC-19647)
  • Fixed an issue which caused access to some forms to be restricted as if they contained contact data even when they did not. (OC-19540)
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Site-level Data Managers to see the list of all Sites in the study when viewing the Study metadata in Study Runner. (OC-19507)
  • Changed the job run frequency option on the Scheduled Extract Jobs pages from “Monthly” to “Every 4 Weeks” to describe the existing functionality more accurately. (OC-19361)
  • Fixed an issue where Scheduled Extract Jobs set to trigger daily could sometimes stop triggering after the first day. (OC-19810)
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a user to open a form in edit mode from Data Review Tables when the version the form was using was archived. (OC-19344)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some data from archived forms from being displayed on Data Review Tables. (OC-19483)
  • Added additional options to the Data Transformation Module filters for the Pipeline, Uploaded By, Transformed By, and Imported By columns. (OC-19196)
  • Data Transformation Module file upload notification emails are now sent to Study Monitors as well as to Data Managers. (OC-19125)
  • Updated the Data Transformation Module permissions to permit Site-level Data Managers to use the same functionality as Study Data Manager, but only for files at their own site. (OC-19482)


  • Security enhancements. 

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