OpenClinica is used to enroll Participants, and to schedule Events that contain Participant forms. Then a Site user can Connect each Participant to OpenClinica using the Study URL that was created when the Study was Built and Activated for Participate. Follow the steps below to Connect Participants.

To Connect a Participant

Once the Subject/Participant has been enrolled in OpenClinica and an Event with at least one Participate form has been scheduled for that Subject:

    Site User:

  1. In OpenClinica, on the menu bar at the top of the screen click Subject Matrix. Then, for the Subject you’d like to connect to Participate, in the Actions column, click the Connect a Participant icon.

    The following window displays:

  2. Log in using your OpenClinica username and password.

    The following window displays

  3. Enter the Study Subject ID (SSID) and retype it to ensure it is correct. Then click Verify SSID.

    The following window displays:

  4. Type the Participant’s first name and mobile telephone number. Then click Connect.
    Note: You must enter a valid mobile telephone that can receive SMS text messages. Enter all 10 digits of the telephone number, but do not include dashes or spaces.

    A “Congratulations” message displays. To connect another Participant, click Connect Another and repeat the above steps.

    The Participant is Connected and will receive an SMS message on the mobile telephone number provided. The SMS message will be similar to the following, though each message has a unique link and unique access code. If there are any connection issues, connect the Participant again using the steps above. This will provide a new link and access code.

    The message includes a link to the Study URL.
    When the Participant clicks the link, OCP displays a list of forms that the Participant is scheduled to complete.

    Note: All forms that have been scheduled for the Participant are listed and available regardless of expected completion date.

Once the Participant enters data in the form(s) and clicks Submit, the data is immediately available for review in OpenClinica.