Users whose role has appropriate permission can import data from the OpenClinica web interface. The Study or Site in the import file must be the same as the current Study or Site.

To import the data:

  1. From the navigation bar, select Tasks > Import Data.
    The Import CRF Data page opens.

  2. Browse for the XML file that contains the import data, select the file, and click Open.
    The filename you selected is listed on the Import CRF Data page.

  3. On the Import CRF Data page, click Continue.
    OpenClinica validates the XML file. If there are any validation errors, the Alerts and Messages sidebar panel reports the problems. Correct the errors in the file, then in the Import CRF Data page, browse to select the filename, and click Continue.

    If there are no validation errors, OpenClinica displays a page summarizing the CRF data being imported, and presents the results of the Hard Validation Error Checks, including any errors. For example, it reports an error if a date format is invalid.

    Correct any problems in the file, then, in the Import CRF Data page, browse to select the filename, and click Continue.

  4. If there are no Hard Validation Errors, to continue to import the data, click Continue.

  5. In the confirmation dialog box, to complete the data import, click OK. To cancel the import, click Cancel.
    If you completed the import, the CRF(s) for the Subject(s) specified in the import file now contain the imported data, and the status of the CRF(s) are set to the status specified in the import file.

  6. If the CRF contains empty fields for any calculated values, manually open the CRF and save each page that contains the calculated values.
    OpenClinica only calculates the values when you save the page manually. For details, see Complete a CRF.

  7. If there are Rules associated with the CRFs where the data was imported, check to see if you need to manually run the Rules. As of OpenClinica 3.1.3, the Rule option <Run ImportDataEntry=”true”> ensures that Rules are run when importing data. If this option was set to “false” in the Rule, go to Tasks>Monitor and Manage Data>CRFs. Then, on the top row for the CRF (original), click the view icon. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Run All Rules for this CRF