1. Undeploy OpenClinica:
    1. Delete the directory
    2. Delete the file
      CATALINA_HOMEwebappsOpenClinica.war if exists
    3. Delete the directory
  2. Create the following directory, if it does not already exist:
  3. Download the OpenClinica software, OpenClinica-v.x.x.zip, from the OpenClinica website:  https://community.openclinica.com/project/openclinica. To download the software, use your free community account; you will be required to log in to the account to download the OpenClinica software. If you do not have an account, you may get one here.

    After downloading the OpenClinica software, extract the files to:
  4. Copy the file
  5. Start Tomcat. (See instructions at Start Tomcat.)
  6. In about five minutes, Tomcat will be fully started. Verify it is fully started by opening the file
    and looking for this line:
    INFO: Server Startup in XXXXX ms
  7. Stop Tomcat. (See instructions, which are included at Start Tomcat.)
  8. Wait about two minutes for Tomcat to stop, then delete the file
  9. Using WordPad, make any changes to the configuration file
    1. Open the file
    2. Make changes to any values for the properties: see more information at Description of datainfo.properties File.
    3. When you finish making changes, save the file.
  10. Move the backed up CRF and dataset files from the openclinica.data directory to the new openclinica.data directory.
  11. Start Tomcat. (See instructions at Start Tomcat.)