1. From either of the following websites, download the Windows Service Installer Version, apache-tomcat-6.0.32.exe, and save it to c:ocinstall:
  2. Run

    The Apache Tomcat Setup Installation Wizard opens.
  3. When the Open File – Security Warning message displays, click Run.
  4. On the Welcome screen of the Apache Tomcat Setup Installation Wizard, click Next.
    The License Agreement screen displays.
  5. Click I Agree to accept the agreement.
    The Choose Components screen displays.
  6. Click Next to accept the default values.
    The Configuration screen displays.
  7. Click Next to accept the default values.
    The Java Virtual Machine screen displays.
  8. Click , then select the path you installed the JDK into:
    The screen now should look like this:

    Tomcat Installation - JVM Path Selection

  9. Click Next.
    The Choose Install Location screen displays.
  10. Edit the Destination Folder to be c:octomcat. The screen should look like this:

    Apache Tomcat Installation - Location

  11. Click Install to start the installation.
    When the installation is finished, the Completing the Apache Tomact Setup Wizard screen displays.
  12. Complete the screen as follows:
    1. Clear the Run Apache Tomcat checkbox.
    2. Clear the Show Readme checkbox.

    The screen should now look like this:

    Tomcat Wizard Completion

  13. Click Finish.
  14. Create the directory c:octomcatoldwebapps.
  15. Move the web apps provided with Tomcat that OpenClinica does not need by moving the contents of c:octomcatwebapps to c:octomcatoldwebapps.