The Participant Matrix displays Participants in the study. This screen is central to the system.

Use the Participant Matrix to:

  • Manage Participants:
    • Edit Participant Data
    • Add a Participant
    • Remove a Participant
    • Restore a Participant
    • Sign a Participant Record (Investigators and Data Specialists Only)
    • Reassign a Participant to Another Site (Data Managers Only)
  • Schedule Events
  • View Participant Details
  • View, Enter, or Edit Data (depending on access)

The Participant Matrix lists Visit-Based Events across the top of the matrix and Participant IDs down the side.

Each icon represents the status of the Participant/Event combination. A legend of the icons is listed on the left side of the screen.

Hover over the icons in the Participant Matrix to see more details about the Event.


You can filter Events by the data in any column with a gray box under the header.

  • Use the drop-down menu at the top of the Participant Matrix to view Participants by Event.
  • Click the gray box in the Status column (which appears only if you click Show More) to view Participants by status, including the independent statuses of Locked and Signed. You can also filter Events with Not Locked and Not Signed.

View and Enter Data

Click the View button in the Actions column that corresponds to the Participant/Event to view the Participant Details screen.

Click the icon for a scheduleddata entry started, or completed Event and select View/Enter to view the Participant Details screen.

Edit Event

Click the icon for a scheduled or data entry started Event to edit the Event.