This screen displays the Participant’s general information, Events, and Forms.

Depending on Access, you can:

  • View Forms
  • Enter/edit Form data
  • Lock Events
  • Sign Events
  • Edit Events
  • Add or Schedule Events
  • Remove/Restore Events
  • Clear Forms
  • Reassign a Form to another version

To Access the Participant Details Screen:

On the Participant Matrix, click on the Participant ID or the View button that corresponds to the Participant whose information you want to see.

The Participant Details Screen

The Screen is Divided Into the Following Sections:

  • General Information
  • Visit-Based Events
  • Common Events
  • Casebook (Casebook information can be found in the Downloading Participant Casebooks section of the Extract Data page)

Custom Views

The Participant Details screen initially opens with the Visit-Based Events displayed and all Common Events collapsed. Click the Expand All link to expand all Common Events, or click an individual Common Event section to expand only that section.

When you expand sections, the Custom View On button appears. To return the screen to its default state, click the X on the Custom View On button.

The Custom View On button will appear when you expand or collapse any section that is not part of your default view. It will also appear after changing the Showing filter or using the Search feature within Visit and/or Common events. Your custom view will remain on that participant until you update it again or go back to your default view by clicking the X.

The General Information Section Displays Information About:

  • The participant
  • The study
  • The site
  • The participant status
  • The Participate information (if Participate module is active)