After creating a Site, you can edit the information for it, including its status:

  1. Change the current Study to the Study whose Site information you want to access.
  2. Select Tasks > Build Study.
    The Build Study page for the current Study opens.
  3. In the table, for Create Sites (Task 6), click the View icon.
    The Manage All Sites page for the current Study opens, listing a summary of information for each Site in the Study.
  4. Click the Edit icon in the Actions column for the Site whose information you want to edit.
    The Update Site Details page opens, showing current values for the Site details.
  5. Make changes to values in the Update Site Properties section, including changing the Status for the Site. The Status values you can select for a Site are: available, pending, locked, and frozen. For more about the meaning of each Status value, see Status of a Study; the meanings described in that topic apply, but they are for the Site, not the Study.
  6. Make changes to information for any of the Event Definitions for the Site. For example, you might use an English version of a CRF at one Site, and a French version of the same CRF at a different Site, or you might require double data entry for a CRF for one Site but not for another Site.
  7. Click Submit Site.
    The Manage All Sites page opens.