You can use a defined CRF in multiple Event Definitions and in multiple Studies in OpenClinica. You can also create different versions of the defined CRF. When you assign a CRF to a Study Event, you can specify which versions of the CRF are available to that Event and can specify the default version to be used. For example, you can create a defined CRF in English and create another version in Spanish; then, when a user completes the CRF for a Study Subject, the user can choose the version of the CRF based on the language they prefer to work with. 

When you define a CRF, OpenClinica creates a parent record (called the “original”), and a version that can be used to collect data. When you create a new version of the CRF, it has the same name as the “original,” but has a different version label assigned to it. When you make a change to a defined CRF, if there are other versions of the defined CRF that the change applies to, you will need to make the change to each version of the defined CRF.