You can find, view details for, edit, and download data for dataset definitions for the current Study or Site:

  1. Select Tasks > View Datasets.
    The View Dataset page opens, listing all existing dataset definitions in a table.

    View Datasets

  2. Locate the dataset definition you want using any of these methods:
    • By default, dataset definitions are listed in ascending alphabetical order by Name. To reorder the table by a different column, click that column header. To reverse the order, click the column header again.
    • Enter a string in the Find text field, then click the Find button. OpenClinica displays the dataset definitions that contain the string in the Name, Description, Created By, or Created Date fields.
    • Click Show only My Datasets, which is next to Find, to see only the dataset definitions that you created.
  3. You can then click an icon in the Actions column for a dataset definition to perform any of the following:
    • Click the View icon View to view the Event CRF Items and Attributes selected for the dataset definition on that page.
    • Generate and download the dataset file in a format you select by clicking the Export This Dataset button.
    • Click the Export icon Export Icon to:
    • Click the Remove icon Remove to make the dataset unavailable to other OpenClinica users.
    • Click the Restore Restore icon to make a dataset available after having previously removed it.