For the current Study or Site, you can view a list of the most recent dataset files generated for each file format, and download or delete any of the files:

  1. Access the dataset definition for the file you want.
    The View Dataset page displays, showing the details for the dataset definition.
  2. Click the Export this Dataset button.
    The Download Data page opens, displaying the Archive of Exported Dataset Files table. The table lists one previously generated dataset file for each format. The file format is indicated in the File Name column, with more details shown in other columns, including the date the file was generated. Note that the file name incorporates the date and time the file was generated.

    Example of Exported Dataset; Excel File was Generated on January 23, 2012, at the Time 14:31 (Partial View):

    Download Data Table

  3. Click an icon in the Actions column of the table to perform one of the following:
    • Download icon Download icon: downloads the dataset file. Note that this does not generate a new dataset file for the dataset definition, but downloads the file that was previously generated. If instead you want the file to contain current data, regenerate the file, then download it.
    • Delete icon Delete icon: deletes the dataset file from the archive.