In the Actions column for a Subject in the Subject Matrix, click the icon for the action you want. The icons that appear depend on the status of the Subject and your user Role.

  • View Icon View icon displays a page of detailed information for the Study Subject. From there, you can enter and change Event information for the Subject. For details, see Enter Data for an Event: Completing CRFs.
  • Signeded Icon Signed icon indicates all the Events for a Subject are marked complete, and you can sign the Subject Case Book. After you click the icon, you apply your electronic signature, which requires your user name and password.
  • Remove Icon Remove icon removes a Subject from the Study or Site. You can restore the Subject to the Study or Site later.
  • Restpre Icon Restore icon appears in the display after the Subject was removed. Restore adds the Subject back into the Study.
  • OpenBook Reassign Study Subject icon reassigns a Study Subject to a different Site in the Study.