When you add a Subject, the Subject is added to the current Study or Site. Typically, you set the current Site and add Subjects to it. However, you can add a Subject to the overall Study and later assign the Subject to a Site. You can also change the Site a Subject is assigned to.

The Site a Subject is assigned to is reported in the Study Subject Record. You can also see the Site assignment in the Subject matrix. When the current Study or Site is set to the Site level, the Subject matrix shows only the Subjects assigned to that Site, so any Subject in the matrix is assigned to the current Site. When the current Study or Site is set to the Study level, view the Site assignments in the Subject Matrix by clicking the Show More link. The Site ID field reports the Site assignment, where the Site ID names were established when the Sites were created.

To assign a Subject to a Site, or to reassign a Subject to a different Site:

  1. Change the current Study to the Study level.
  2. Locate the Subject in the Subject matrix.
  3. In the Actions column for the Subject, click the Reassign icon Reassign Study Subject.
    The Reassign Study Subject page opens, with the Subject’s current assignment selected.

    Reassign Study Subject

  4. Select the Site you want to assign the Subject to and click Reassign Subject.
    The Confirm Reassign Subject page opens.
  5. Click Submit.
    The Subject is now assigned to the Site you specified.